20160912191005-SEO-1300x867Why rely exclusively on paid advertising options when you can gain traffic with SEO techniques? There’s no secret formula for search engine optimization; just a few techniques to help your site float to the top of the pile.

According to SEO theory, the more keywords you have on your site the higher it will be ranked. From now on when writing or updating content for your site make sure to include at least one of your top 10 keywords in every Title, Headline, and Paragraph.

1. Many people simply write the name of their site on a title tag and then use the same tag for every page — this is a missed opportunity to gain traffic with SEO techniques, as title tags are a great way to use keywords. Create a simple page description that uses one or more of your most popular keywords.

2. Another key advantage to title tags is dropping “the” as the first word on your page. If you drop “the” it will cause your site to appear higher in the alphabetical index. If your company is called The Computer Store, dropping the will make a big difference for you.

3. The page description is a type of Meta tag that you can insert into the code of each page. This 250 character blub can be used to describe your site and another great opportunity to use your keywords. The page description is another often-overlooked opportunity to promote your site and gain traffic with SEO techniques.

Smart Content does not include Keyword Stuffing

Many webpreneurs believe a site that’s 100 percent keywords will be number one — Wrong! This is called keyword stuffing and when trying to gain traffic with SEO techniques you want to refrain from this type of practice. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon and will quickly get you blacklisted. Search engines will refuse to look at your domain and you’ll basically end up with no results.

Always use smart content to gain traffic with SEO techniques; a page of keyword-rich content that’s relevant will be embraced by your audience and loved by the search engines.